Grant Outline KiDS



  1. Needs (Link to Project Services)


Data (3-5 years)

Church attendance in America has dropped from 67% in 2001 to 49% today. With fewer adults attending their worship communities, fewer children are being taught spiritual and value-based lessons. The new neuroscience now determines that all humans have a GOD SPOT (Dr. Lisa Miller) in the frontal cortex of each of our brains that is waiting to be unleashed resulting in spiritual practices through the recognition of “a higher power.”

We refer to that power as GOD. Behavior associated with that recognition can result in resiliency, hope, acceptance, self-love, creativity and a faithful fulfillment of the life journey through service to others. The absence of a spiritual dimension in our culture results not only in increased addiction, crime, and a sense of being lost, but in a dramatic rise in child suicide. (Girls’ (age 12-14) suicide rate has risen 51% in the last four years. (Article)


Target population – 52 churches & their congregations in Lancaster (133 sq mi) & Northumberland Counties (191 sq mi) & eventually a national and international audience in the coming years


Comparison (funnel approach) – Pittsburgh (Fred Rogers) vs Northern Neck of VA (KiDS) vs Martha’s Vineyard MA (MVTV)


Demographics/description – 68% white, 27% black, 1% asian, 1.7 is your % hispanic, 0.3 native indigenous, 2% mixed race, 19% under 18, 28% over 65, median age 50, 2400 students in schools in the 2 counties, 12.5% families below the poverty line, $25,000 per capita, family size 2.71%


Gaps/weaknesses – communication between races, lack of transportation with poorer community, rural distances to main towns, lack of local shows being aired online – no tv broadcast, no local public access stations


Results from needs assessment – families need & want our project because it offers kindness alternatives to traditional television and online streaming services, churches want our project because it brings interdenominational and life-promoting values to kids and their siblings and parents, the counties want our project because it offers a new platform to connect the 52 churches and their diverse congregations and it supports the inter-racial connections that are already happening here


  1. Project Design (link to Evaluation)


Goals (not measurable) Example: Reduce hunger in greater Columbia, SC.

KiDS wants to approach kids 4-11 and offer them thoughtful choices on how to deal with Life and the times we’re in


Objectives (measurable) Example: Implement “Meals on Wheels” to feed 50 families per week.

The Show KiDS is an online WebTV channel that connects with the Community through the Internet

Our Purpose is: To engage children, age 4-11 years, in heart, body, mind and soul for the greater good through spiritual teachings and creative imagination.

Our Mission is: To develop 30-minute video segments utilizing music, storytelling, art, and interactive activities for weekly distribution to an unlimited virtual audience.


*Activities (measurable) Example: Provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner to 50 families Monday through Friday.  40 shows a year shown on Saturday mornings through a dedicated website with
streaming capabilities – access will be free to the community for the first year and then offered on a subscription basis (to support the show cost) like other streaming services (monthly fees)


  1. Project Services (Link to Needs)


Feedback (administration) Example: Monthly staff meetings to provide updates on program activities.

KiDS will emulate the Berry Gordy & Smokey Robinson method of Focus Groups like they did for Motown. People from the Community will be invited into the studio to review our shows once a quarter to give feedback and offer suggestions to help us evolve the Show.


Feedback (participants) Example: Survey of families regarding services, meal quality, etc.

We already have Moms & Dads from the KiDS performers on the set now to help us adjust as we film and, also, to inspire their kids to relax and enjoy filming. These Moms & Dads are invited to send us follow-up emails after the show. We are keeping files on people’s comments.


  1. Management


Qualifications: Example: Years of experience or job qualifications.

  Episcopal priest, author of seven books on leadership and mentoring and 25 children’s books, Jeff Patnaude is widely known as a teacher, preacher, keynote speaker, business leader and executive mentor. Since 1987, he has been recognized as one of the pioneers of Spirit@Work, a ministry focused on uniting the world of business and faith. Jeff’s professional dedication for almost 50 years has centered on helping guide others toward a life of fullness through spiritual practice and commitment.


Having served as the leader of large parish churches, he has also trained and mentored over 40,000 business leaders in numerous organizations. Described as “the Leonard Bernstein of leadership development”, he has gained an international reputation for his ability to orchestrate environments for transformation.


Jeff lives on the water of the Chesapeake Bay with his dear wife Susan and their three dogs, Surely, Goodness & Mercy. He is the proud father of two daughters, Julie and Laura and Granddaddy to Ella Marie and Jordyn Grace.


For More Information: go to



  For the past three decades, Susan Taylor has founded and led digital communications ventures that include pioneering work in virtual environments, 3D animation, video production, online digital products, and new concept websites.


Her web technology and video production skills have helped clients ground their visions and showcase their work through television shows with original content. Susan spent 16 years working in television. Applying her musical talents, she was a songwriter, arranger and performer for ABC Television Children’s Programming in New York. Applying her technology skills, she did research into new software applications for ABC. Susan also helped build and launch the first local television cable station on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.


Susan has been a multimedia advisor on the board of the Art Institute of California and Producer in San Diego. In the 1990s, Susan also worked as a psychoanalyst in private practice, a life-skills counselor and seminar leader. During that time, she served on the board of directors of The Family Center of Martha’s Vineyard and the Norwalk Coalition for Children and Youth.


Paul Manieri – Raised in south Philadelphia, Paul is a husband and Nonno to 6 amazing grandchildren. His passion for serving God and Humanity has led him to an eventful life of continual success in business and entrepreneurship, with struggles and wins that are invaluable resources for his clients in the Delaware Valley, across the United States, and beyond. As President of the APCC(American Public Communications Council), he led and participated in the deregulation of the telecommunications industry. As co-founder of the HR Chapter of the International Coach Federation, he encouraged the pioneering of another industry, Coaching for Professional & Personal Mastery.



Timeline: Example: How you will deliver your project on time and within budget.

Projected Dates when the Funds will be required:
October 1, 2022 – January 15, 2022


Name designated to receive the funds:
The Wingspan Foundation 501(c)3 


Timetable for this Project Completion:
Production has already begun – set designs, etc.
First airing of the Show set for March 4th, 2023
Continuous shows throughout the year


Benchmarks to Measure Progress of the Project:
Original music score produced
KiDS chorus trained and recorded
Studio set up complete
Sets finished
Costumes made
Characters further developed
Additional Scripts written
Actors assigned roles
Shows recorded
B-Roll outside of the Studio filmed


  1. Budget


Direct costs: Example: What is charged directly to the budget.


Equipment & Studio Rental (which is being traded with the church wing that we’re renting in exchange for video production work for the church)
$hourly payments for 5 Independent Contractors doing video production
the church is providing bandwidth and utilities for free
talent will come to the church except for a few on-location videos


Indirect costs: Example: The cost of administering the grant; usually no more than 10%
Paying the team to work on the grant $hourly
thank you gifts for the volunteer talent (they all want to be a part of the show this year)


Budget narrative: Example: Explains the cost of items in the budget.
camera  $10,000
lights     $  5,000
audio     $  5,000
computer for editing  $3,000
software  $2,000
graphics & titling  Adobe Creative Suite monthly
streaming service monthly to air


40 shows – estimating $5,000 per show plus pre- and post-editing extras


  1. Evaluation (link to project design)


Goals Based – yes?

Processed Based

Outcomes Based