Teaching our children values-based lessons

has come through such giants as Mr. Rogers and Jim Henson. There is minimal programming that fills their shoes. KiDS will be a weekly, 30-minute online show that includes music, storytelling, interactive exercises and unique characters. Join us for the Launch on February 1st, 2023


12-month Funding Goal: $285,000 > $250,000 > $247,400 > $246,300

$35,000 in October 2022
$  2.600 in November 2022
$  1,000 in December 2022
$     100  in December 2022



$250 – an autographed book of Penny for your child or grandchild


$1,000Penny and its sequel Subtraction for your child or grandchild, plus,
your name, business or non-profit placed on-screen as a Friend of the Show KiDS


$3,000 – 3 of Jeff’s Parentable books, autographed with a personal message, plus, the donor gets to read a Parentable segment (recorded)


$5,000 – 3 books autographed, plus, you (or your designate) are included as a character or character voice (recorded) in a segment of the show


$10,000 – 5 books autographed for your family or friends, plus,
an invitation to come to our studio to film a segment with you or your child
or grandchild in a guest appearance


$25,000 – Jeff will dedicate his new book and all future copies to that special someone of your choosing, plus, a personal illustration will be added in honor of your loved one.


$35,000 – A private book party – 5 books autographed, plus, a
CD of their recorded versions for you and up to 15 of your friends
AND a personal appearance by Jeff Patnaude in your home or at your
local school (in North America).


Checks can be mailed to: 8272 Lees Ridge Rd, Warrenton VA 20186



Hello, Fellow Supporters of Children Everywhere:


Jeff Patnaude and Susan Taylor, from the Wingspan Foundation 501(c)3, thank you for this opportunity to request your donations to support our new Mister Rogers-type show called KiDS, From Our Home to Your Home.


Our Purpose is: To engage children, age 4-11 years, in heart, body, mind and soul for the greater good through spiritual teachings and creative imagination.


Our Mission is: To develop 30-minute video segments utilizing music, storytelling, art, and interactive activities for weekly distribution to an unlimited virtual audience.


The Problem: Church attendance in America has dropped from 67% in 2001 to 49% today. With fewer adults attending their worship communities, fewer children are being taught spiritual and value-based lessons. The new neuroscience now determines that all humans have a GOD SPOT (Dr. Lisa Miller) in the frontal cortex of each of our brains that is waiting to be unleashed resulting in spiritual practices through the recognition of “a higher power.”

We refer to that power as GOD. Behavior associated with that recognition can result in resiliency, hope, acceptance, self-love, creativity and a faithful fulfillment of the life journey through service to others. The absence of a spiritual dimension in our culture results not only in increased addiction, crime, and a sense of being lost, but in a dramatic rise in child suicide. (Girls’ (age 12-14) suicide rate has risen 51% in the last four years. (Article)


Our Solution ~ Action Steps: Jeff Patnaude and Susan Taylor head a Co-Creative Team currently developing this Saturday Show for Kids, one that reflects life-giving values from the Bible and children’s literature. It is modeled after the most effective and transformative of all television shows,
Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.


Outcome: The show is about kids, for kids, and about life-giving values. It is also an opportunity for parents and grandparents to learn with their children and grandchildren and serve as the on-going teacher in their spiritual education. The stage-set for this production has a heartfelt, “living room” type experience where participants hear Bible stories and messages from inspirational children’s books and scripted scenes in the show. Children receive guidance and life-lessons from the cast speaking these messages throughout an online broadcast. The KiDS website makes it easy for participating churches, private schools and home schools to reach young children throughout the United States and Canada, thereby bridging the growing gap between church and home.


Pilot to air February 4thth, 2023. The Show officially airs March 4th, 2023.


Technology of the Show: For testing, The Show is, initially, a Web-TV broadcast and online production from a dedicated website channel to (a) the 52 churches in Lancaster & Northumberland counties, (b) to statewide Christian preschools and elementary schools, and (c) to families of home schoolers. After a period where we test the success of the show, membership will be offered as a “subscription streaming service” to churches, schools and families nationally and internationally where they can log in and air KiDS at their convenience through a Wi-Fi connection.

FAQ for The Show KiDS


  1. What is it?

An online (You Tube/Vimeo-type) series for children ages 4-11 that teaches universal spiritual values and Biblical parables through storytelling, puppets, animation, and original music.


  1. What are some of the values it promotes?

Service to others, caring, concern for equality and social justice, integrity, honesty, responsibility, younger coping skills, peaceful conflict resolution, a sense of purpose for one’s life, embracing differences and celebrating creativity.


  1. How do you view it?

Via a website link https://theshowkids.com/ on Smart phones, home computers, iPads – any internet connected mobile device.


  1. How many episodes will there be in Season 1?

40 episodes in 2023 – one each week beginning March 1 – released each Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. EST.


  1. How will people, especially kids find out about it?

Our target audience will be churches of various denominations, parochial schools throughout America, and home school children. We have an extensive list. Following that, we will market the show nationally and then internationally.


  1. Does it teach habits of good behavior?

The Show will emphasize the importance of kindness, sharing, learning and loving thy neighbor as thy self.


  1. Who plays “Mister Rogers”?

Jeff Patnaude, an international speaker, and author of 25 children’s books will be the host – most likely in the role of Granddaddy. Many other adult characters, and especially children and teens, will host certain elements.


  1. What inspired the show?

Our inspiration came from a show from Seattle called Hi-Ho Kids. That show relates to real kids of the 2020s and what they are trying to understand about living Life and Growing Up. Mister Rogers and Sesame Street, of course, have been foundational guides for the Show. The Show KiDS is a weave of what has been before, what is now and what is ahead.


  1. Will this be free for kids and families?

Yes, during the pilot and testing phase. The Wingspan Foundation will consistently seek grants and private donations to support this show while the show is being offered at no cost to the children. After the pilot and testing phase, we will offer the show as a subscription streaming service for a nominal fee.

Donations to the 501(c)3 would always be welcomed.
Currently, checks can be mailed to: 8272 Lees Ridge Rd, Warrenton VA 20186


  1. What experience have you had in developing shows for broadcast?

Susan Taylor has worked for Jim Henson of The Muppets and has been a songwriter and researcher for ABC Television Children’s Programming (Saturday Morning Cartoons.) She has also been a Television Producer in Del Mar, California, and Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, where she created shows and helped build the Local Access Television Station for the Island.


  1. Where will the Studio for Production be?

Wingspan has rented the upstairs at Grace Episcopal Church parish hall to be our television production studio. We have already started assembling the audio /video systems with equipment brought in by Susan and Jeff. We are currently meeting with talent in the area to grow a kids’ chorus and find actors for the show. We will have teenagers acting as directors and also, as older “sisters” and “brothers” for the 4-11-year-old talent on the show.




  Episcopal priest, author of seven books on leadership and mentoring and 25 children’s books, Jeff Patnaude is widely known as a teacher, preacher, keynote speaker, business leader and executive mentor. Since 1987, he has been recognized as one of the pioneers of Spirit@Work, a ministry focused on uniting the world of business and faith. Jeff’s professional dedication for almost 50 years has centered on helping guide others toward a life of fullness through spiritual practice and commitment.


Having served as the leader of large parish churches, he has also trained and mentored over 40,000 business leaders in numerous organizations. Described as “the Leonard Bernstein of leadership development”, he has gained an international reputation for his ability to orchestrate environments for transformation.


Jeff lives on the water of the Chesapeake Bay with his dear wife Susan and their three dogs, Surely, Goodness & Mercy. He is the proud father of two daughters, Julie and Laura and Granddaddy to Ella Marie and Jordyn Grace.


For More Information: go to https://www.jeffreypatnaude.com/



  For the past three decades, Susan Taylor has founded and led digital communications ventures that include pioneering work in virtual environments, 3D animation, video production, online digital products, and new concept websites.


Her web technology and video production skills have helped clients ground their visions and showcase their work through television shows with original content. Susan spent 16 years working in television. Applying her musical talents, she was a songwriter, arranger and performer for ABC Television Children’s Programming in New York. Applying her technology skills, she did research into new software applications for ABC. Susan also helped build and launch the first local television cable station on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.


Susan has been a multimedia advisor on the board of the Art Institute of California and Producer in San Diego. In the 1990s, Susan also worked as a psychoanalyst in private practice, a life-skills counselor and seminar leader. During that time, she served on the board of directors of The Family Center of Martha’s Vineyard and the Norwalk Coalition for Children and Youth.


Projected Dates when the Funds will be required:
October 1, 2022 – January 15, 2022


Name designated to receive the funds:
The Wingspan Foundation 501(c)3


Timetable for this Project Completion:

Production has already begun – set designs, etc.
First airing of the Show set for March 4th, 2023

Continuous shows throughout the year

Benchmarks to Measure Progress of the Project:

Original music score produced

KiDS chorus trained and recorded

Studio set up complete

Sets finished
Costumes made
Characters further developed

Additional Scripts written

Actors assigned roles
Shows recorded

B-Roll outside of the Studio filmed


Those responsible for the Project:

Jeff Patnaude

Susan Taylor


Creative Committee:

Susan Low, Dr. Suzanne Pruss, Sister Kris Goodrich, Dr. Charles McKellar, Heather D’Amore, Alayna Holcomb, Susan Taylor, Fr. Jeff Patnaude



We appreciate your taking the time to review our request for funding!

Jeff and Susan would welcome and appreciate your participation as we develop this vision for a Show for KiDS!


Jeff Patnaude & Susan Taylor